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Lifts, Trails & Grooming

The Lifts

We currently have two lifts serving the Lyndon Outing Club. We have a 300 ft Rope Tow being run by a 1960s Wisconsin 4 cycle engine. We also have a 1,200 ft T-Bar that came from Stowe Mountain and was installed in 1982. The T-Bar runs off a Chalmers 4 cycle diesel engine from Dozer.

Lift NameStatus
Rope TowClosed for the Season
T-BarClosed for the Season

The Trails

All of the terrains are natural with limited grooming. We do not have any snow-making capability, which means we do not have fixed start and end dates for our ski season. We are at the mercy of what mother nature gives us and then decides to take away.

Trail NameStatus
Dub HillClosed for the Season
Apple OrchardClosed for the Season
FaceClosed for the Season
CrossoverClosed for the Season
Bunny HopClosed for the Season
Beattie Way Closed for the Season
Wheeler’s WayClosed for the Season
Lion’s DenClosed for the Season
Zitz MarkClosed for the Season
MixerClosed for the Season

The Groomer

We acquired our current groomer in 2006 from Burke Mountain. It is a 1987 LMC 3700C Snowcat and still has the original Burke Mountain Bear Logo on it! For this season, Scott DesJardins, installed new combs on the groomer so that we can lay better corduroy on the hill.

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