Board of Directors

2016- 2017 Board Members

All members of the board take part in hands-on operation of the hill. Additionally, members take on special tasks based on interest, skill and experience.

  • Susan Teske, President/Lift Operator Supervisor
  • Joe Peters, Vice President/National Ski Patrol
  • Dan McCabe, Treasurer
  • Siobhan Shufelt, Secretary
  • Bob Poulin, Rentals/Maintenance
  • Dick Tomasko, Maintenance
  • RJ Tomasko, Maintenance
  • Taylor Reed, Maintenance
  • Jeff Helms, Ski Patrol Director &┬áScheduler/Safety Office
  • Annie Guyer, Chamber Liaison
  • Vacant, Kitchen Manager
  • Richard McCarthy, Lyndon Institute liaison
  • Stephanie Gochie, Boy Scout Liaison
  • Paul Cranmer, Director
  • Thomas J. Frackleton, Director
  • Sam Damon, Director, BMA liaison